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Sticky Tug Toy

Sticky Tug Toy

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Keep your pet busy in your absence while taking care of their health with Chew Toy Rope!


It is a Pet Tug and Chew Toy that engages your pet in self-tugging and chewing, helping them satisfy their bite cravings and keeping your stuff safe from their biting and predatory nature.



The unique design of this pet toy features a soft, rubber ball on one end and a strong suction cup connected with a thick and strong rope. It provides a self-playing platform to your pet which enhances their agility and reduces their anxiety.




Promotes Physical and Mental Health: Tugging on Chew Toy Rope is a great way to give your pet the physical exercise that they need. It’s, flexible, interactive, and stops your pet from getting bored. It strengthens their jaw muscles and also improves their mood, reducing boredom and stress.



Provides Dental Care: Chew Toy Rope actually cleans your dog’s teeth every single time they gnaw on it. The rugged pattern on the rubber ball provides a better grip and promotes dental hygiene. You can insert some tooth-paste for better cleaning or some treat to train them.



Easy to Install: Simply stick the suction cap of Chew Toy Rope on a smooth surface like floor, wall, door, etc. and it’s good to go. When your dog grabs it and pulls, it won’t let go and your dog will have no idea why. It is the tug of war that your pet can never win.



Tug and Chew: You can hold the suction cup and play tug with your pet when you are home or install it anywhere in your house before going out so they can play on their own. Both the rubber ball and suction cap are bouncy and chewable, making it ideal for pets.





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