Shipping & Delivery

*All orders have processing time BEFORE they are ready to ship.

What is processing time?

The time from when your order is placed until it ships. All products have some processing time of approximately 1-5 business days before shipment.

When will my order ship?

How quick your order ships depend on a variety of factors. See below for more details. We aim to get orders out quickly as we know you are excited to get your product but things like stock arrivals, volume of orders and weather can affect how quick your order gets processed.

NOTE: The time frames are estimates only and excludes weekends & holidays.

Wrong address disclaimer:
It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that the shipping address entered is correct. We do our best to speed up processing and shipping time, so there is always a small window to correct an incorrect shipping address. Please contact us immediately if you believe you have provided an incorrect shipping address.

Estimated Time of Dispatch:.

Europe : 7-15 Business days.
United States : 7-15 Business days.
Australia : 7-15 Business days.
UK: 7-15 Business days.
Asia:7-15 Business days.

Rest of the world: 7-15 Business days.


Max delivery time – 45 business days. This is not usual but it can happen due to high demand of orders!


Wrong size or variant:

Before purchasing any product there is always available size chart or variant selection button under the price. We won't give a refund on wrong size or variant chosen, because that doesn't comply with our shipping policy. Customer is responsible for his actions and that is not connected to any Brepit operations.


This is the estimated time of delivery given to us by our post company, they might be extended for reasons not connected to Brepit Operations. However, we will try to make it as fast as possible.