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Rod Holder

Rod Holder

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Don't it suck when you see your car overflowing with fishing gear?


One of the reasons why people stopped or hate fishing is because they don't realize how messy, dirty, unorganized fishing can be! Choosing right baits, rods, tackle boxes... Spending thousands of dollars on equipment to find themselves in a situation where they can't fit all their gear in the car. Angler community of Nebraska said that every 5th fishing trip end up with broken fishing equipment, but all that happens on the way to fishing spot. What does that tell you?



One of the solutions to above mentioned topics starts with Rod Holder. Thanks to it's nice nylon that is strong as a diamond and to hard plastic buckles that are sturdy as a rock! It has 5 spots to fit your fishing rods and it is fully adjustable, that means it's built for nearly all types of cars!



How does it work?

You pick up your Rod Holder and adjust the rope to perfectly fit into your car, and then only connect the 2 buckles together and your Rod holder is ready to hold tightly your fishing rods.



How can Rod Holder help you?

Not only Rod Holder can help you to fully organize your car for a fishing trip and to prevent your rod from breaking, it can also prevent creating a backlash or the hook stabbing in your ass. One more way how Rod Holder can help you is by preventing a tip top stabbing in your eye or distract you while you are driving towards your fishing spot!


How can you improve your gear organization while riding towards your fishing spot?


Josh from Alaska, used Rod Holder because he was so obsessed with fishing that he had so much gear and he couldn't fit his boys in a car. The kids were very sad, Josh didn't know what to do so he gave Rod Holder a try. Look now how he enjoys fishing trips with his family.



Marc from Nebraska sent us this email which says: ,,I am using Rod Holder every weekend, my car is now more organized then my living room and i saved my rods from breaking. I can now drive in peace and forget about clanking noise in back of my trunk."



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