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Slow Dog Feeder Bowl

Slow Dog Feeder Bowl

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Slow down meal times and promote good health with Slow Dog Feeder Bowl!



Many dogs eat too quickly, it’s part of their hardwired survival instincts from back when they would scavenge for food in the wild. Consuming food too quickly however can cause stomach and digestion problems including wind and bloating.



Constructed from high quality material, providing a long lasting, durable feeding bowl. Sturdy and dependable will not flip and spill food like cheap alternatives.




Hygienic – It is scratch resistant which means it does not harbour trapped food, dirt or bacteria. It’s easy to clean, simply rinse with water or run through the dishwasher.



Easy to Use – The slow feeding bowl has a non skid rubber base ring to stop your dog having to chase it around the kitchen! We believe that you and your pets will love our anti gulping bowl and it will be a stylish addition to your home for many years.



Slow Feed – Slows down eating to help digestion and the prevention of bloat and canine stomach ailments. Can also assist in weight control as your pet feels fuller after a meal.






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