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Dog Drying Suit

Dog Drying Suit

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  • Scientifically proven to be the best way to dry your pet

  • Healthiest way of drying your pet

  • Good heat dissipation system that will ensure every part of your dog's skin will be dry

  • Suit will stop your dog from shaking after bath and prevent your walls becoming wet

  • This will save your valuable time

You can burn your dog's skin like a lasagna!

You know the feeling when you want to dry your dog but he is scared of blow dryer like he saw the devil or he plays fidgety? That is normal, dogs are not familiar with those things and they are scared of them.
Drying your dog with blow dryer is the last case scenario, because dogs have thinner skin then people do so it can be burned easily like a lasagna!

Drying your dog with towels is recipe for disaster

Alright we now they look like little snugly teddy bears when they are wrapped up in towels but that is not optimal for their health because their coat might be dry but their skin is wet as hell. That can lead to serious bacterial infection and can shock money out of your pocket!

No hair in the air

Not to mention that after using towels or blow dryers to dry your dog, your house becomes full of dog hair and none of your friends want to be there not even your family! Your home will be hair-free!

That’s why this Drying Suit is created, to prevent your dog from skin problems and to easily dry your dog without blowing that hair in the air. 

Easy to use

You only need a hairdryer that you will put in the hole and the air will evenly flow across whole dogs body so you can’t harm your dog because it has good heat dissipation system. Your home will be hair-free!

Your dog will dry in few minutes

By using towels, hair dryers etc. It will took for ages to dry your dog because there is nothing revolutionary like this is. Not to mention this uses air (force) to dry your pet, by using towels you only use your time. Time is valuable so better spend your time with your family and your doggo then drying him all day.

Won't need to pay for a groomer

Being a groomer is an awesome job or business to start, because there are so many people who need coat drying, brushing, bathing for their pet. Guess what, that cost A LOT OF MONEY! That money can be saved for healthier food or new toy for your pet. Btw you will even dry your dog faster and better than groomer because they still use hair dryer.
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