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Active Rolling Ball

Active Rolling Ball

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93% of our customers report that their dog is immediately interested in the Rolling Active Ball. The fast and unpredictable movements keep their dog's focus on the moving ball.



Our Active Ball is specifically designed to improve your dog's mood! Help overcome anxiety and relax your dog while you're away. The random movement stimulates your dog's senses and keeps them entertained for hours.

See how your dog's overall well-being and quality of life improve by using our interactive and enriching toys! We're sure your furry friend will love this toy as it receives so many positive reactions!



Perfect for Easing Separation Anxiety!


The Active Rolling Ball effectively eases separation anxiety in dogs through interactive play, stimulating both their minds and bodies, offering distraction, and reducing restlessness when alone.

When dogs stay indoors, they don't get as much exercise as they normally would. This has been proven in many studies.

Treat your dog to our Active Rolling Ball and watch it become their favorite daily activity. Enjoy the many benefits that the ball brings, such as stress relief, relief from muscle and joint pain, and many other great benefits!"

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