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2 in 1 Pet Brush

2 in 1 Pet Brush

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  • Clean and brush your pet at the same time!

  • Collect more hair from your pet by using wet wipes!

  • Brush your furniture and remove pet hair!

  • Calm and relax your pet!

You could harm your pet by brushing him every time!

You know the feeling when you want to brush your pet and they play "fidgety" or they want to destroy that brush? That happens because our little teddy bears are not used to that feeling or movement. Same as if somebody wanted to brush your armpit hair (if you have it), you will say "hell no weirdo".

Prevent your pet from playing "fidgety" or being nervous!

That's why this 2 in 1 pet brush is created, to help you get rid of stress of brushing your pet! This brush will not only calm and make your pet enjoy brush time it will even help your pet be steady.


Make brush time same as bath time!

Yes sounds weird but, wipe cleans your pet from bacteria and "dead" hair. So you could kill 2 birds with one stone (please don't kill them). Plus the wipe is wet and it will collect more pet hair!

Easy to use!


You only need to use one pet wet wipe, wrap it around the inside area of the brush, close it, and your brush is ready to clean and collect pet hair!


Your pet won't stop begging you for more!


Wipe is so mellow and fluffy to your pet, be sure that your pet won't run away or swallow your brush cause he hates it. Not only that, our brush is created from finest materials so your pet will feel like he is getting massaged.


 Clean your furniture and clothes!

Brush can be easily used for cleaning your furniture and even some clothes. Dry stuff attaches to wet like crazy. That's why we use mop for floors because dirtiness is easier to collect. Your fancy sofa or your nice coat will not get ruined by pet hair.


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